Quest For Sunken Warships

Dan Crowell has many facets and as a diver,  underwater cameraman, Director and TV producer, Dan teamed with New York based Kralyevich Productions, Inc. in 2005.  Crowell and his company Deep Explorers contracted with Discovery’s Military channel to produce a special series called “Quest For Sunken Warships” which premiered September of 2007.

The four part series follows veteran wreck diver and underwater cameraman Dan Crowell and his dive team and a group of support divers as they sift through the wreckage that rests on the bottom of the world’s oceans. Their focus is to help shed light on some of the most amazing conflicts fought on the ocean’s battlefields.


I’m very proud of this series. It’s not every day you get to have your own TV show. Though the series was a big hit, especially for divers. The Military Channel didn’t have the budget at the time to continue with additional episodes. It was a great learning experience and one hell a good time for everyone involved. Without the support of the dive community there was no way this could have happened. Thanks to all…
                                                                                                                                               Dan Crowell


Each episode has a running time of around 41 minutes.



Torpedo Alley

Operation Hailstone

USS Oriskany

USS Murphy

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