Rebreathers are not just for tech divers, but they are the coolest way to dive!


I recognized the great potential rebreathers posed for deep diving over a decade ago and I have been diving rebreathers ever since. But, more importantly I recognized the great potential they posed for any active diver who’s looking to extend their bottom time with much less hassle than open circuit gear. You don’t have to be a deep diver to appreciate the benefits of diving a rebreather.

Many divers are under the impression that rebreathers are reserved for deep divers, tech or military divers only. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rebreathers are just another way of doing what regular scuba does, but in a much more efficient manner. Imagine never having to haul huge tanks down to the dive shop for fills or down a long dock to the dive boat. How about never having to figure out the best nitrox mix for a dive because no matter where you go you’ll always have the perfect mix. Or, how about doing a dive to 60 ft. for three hours with nothing more than what’s on your back, and no decompression obligation? The reality is rebreathers offer the greatest benefits at recreational depths than at any other level.

Rebreathers will probably never take the place of a singe tank setup, but if you’re an active diver that routinely uses nitrox, you may want to consider looking into rebreather diving.  You’ll be surprised at just how simple dive planning and logistics will be. And, if you decide to adventure off into the deeper end of the pool. You’ll have the perfect tool to take you there……




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