How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

Snorkels are durable, strong, and they do the job of letting you breathe underwater well. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and models available that finding the best one without any help would be hard. The article highlights all the features that will ensure you make the perfect choice.

Recommended Open Water Swim Snorkels

What is Center-Mount Swim Snorkel?

A center mount snorkel is usually used by swimmers who want to swim underwater whilst also breathing. It eliminates the need to bring your head outside to breathe. Swimmers are able to relax and be at peace, knowing that they won’t run out of breath while going deep into the sea. It helps people practice their techniques and enhance their body alignment.

Key Features to Consider

The type and brand of the snorkel that you use can either enhance your swimming technique or make you completely miserable in water. This is why we recommend that you keep a couple of important things in mind. These include:


The length and shape of the unit are important because they offer diversity in all different situations. This means that regardless of the swimming technique you adopt, you are still going to want to maximize your speed and performance. Swimmers who swim in open waters benefit more from long tubed snorkels. These are much better at preventing water from entering the tubes.

Curved tubes are more suitable for beginners as they can fit on top of a swimmer’s head and feel very comfortable. Moreover, they are easy to adjust and interfere less with your strokes. These also help reduce the water entry.


A mouthpiece goes on your mouth and is made of silicone. It should offer long-lasting performance and feels much more flexible. But more importantly, it should provide an exceptional fit and shouldn’t deteriorate as fast as other counterparts. You can place this inside your mouth near your left ear. You can also use your lips to seal the front properly.

You should also ensure that your mouthpiece doesn’t pinch at the corners and hence can fit easily between your teeth. If you have to struggle to keep the unit in one piece, then it’s probably not the right fit for you.

Purge Valve

A purge valve is an essential part of the snorkel and one that keeps most of the water outside. It is housed in the reservoir below the mouthpiece where any extra water can gather. The bottom of the reservoir comes with a silicon valve that can also open to allow you to forcefully exhale water. When choosing the valve, make sure you go for a durable material that doesn’t force you to use a lot of energy.

A good unit will also increase your lung capacity and ensure that you get a consistently high amount of oxygen throughout. A modern unit will also come with a silicone flap that will only open when you exhale air. This, among other things, ensures that water doesn’t enter your mouth.

Splash Guard

A splash guard looks a lot like goggles that will provide protection to your eyes. Splash guards come with a flap that is suspended behind the rear wheel and ensure that water doesn’t enter your eyes. Moreover, such an accessory should be chosen carefully because, ultimately, it will influence how much you can see inside the water. You should hence look for two main things in your splash guard; functionality and good viewing angle.

A durable model will cover your eyes without adding too much pressure to your face. They will also ensure that you can enjoy a full view of what’s in front of you without feeling your eyes muddled.

Headpiece and Strap Construction

A lot of snorkels come with additional and double paddings on the headpiece. The extra cushion adds thickness to the headpiece and also makes it more stable. It is great for young swimmers and professional athletes who can try out a number of techniques easily. Moreover, the strap construction should be kept in mind. You should opt for a design that you can easily adjust according to your head size.

Best 7 Snorkel for Swimming

With so many amazing models in the market, it is quite challenging to find the most suitable one. Since snorkels can make a lot of difference, it is important that you choose the unit wisely. Here are some of the best snorkels on the market.

Finis Original Center-Mount Swimmer’s Snorkel

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

If there was ever a snorkel that was made especially for swimmers, it is definitely this one. It was the first center-mount snorkel that was created by FINIS and then patented to suit the needs of swimmers. But the best thing about it is that it allows you to indulge in a variety of swimming styles. This includes freestyle, butterfly, and even breath stoke. You can also enjoy the very challenging flip turns with this snorkel.

The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable and allows for easy adjustments. It is made with medical-grade silicone that offers greater flexibility. Moreover, the head brackets stand out because they allow for easy strap adjustments. They are also universal, which means that the same size can fit anyone.

The purge is another extraordinary feature that this model has. It offers a one-way valve that allows water to move out without entering the tube. This not only helps keep you safe but also allows you to keep calm and steady in case of emergencies.

Good endurance is another thing FINIS encourages, and all its units, including this one, ensure swimmers can feel relaxed inside water. The unit hence increases the lung capacity and endurance of the swimmer so they can resist any challenge. The VO2 also maximizes speed and allows for an increase in aerobic capacity.

So if you want to enjoy a number of challenging moves without losing confidence, then this model is definitely for you.


  • Will stay in place for all different swimming styles
  • The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable and is easy to adjust
  • The mouthpiece comes with medical-grade silicone that is flexible
  • The head bracket is easy to adjust and offers a universal fit
  • A one-way purge valve allows easy expulsion of water


  • Relatively expensive
  • FIRST CENTER-MOUNT SNORKEL: Created and patented by FINIS; designed specifically for training swimmers
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY STROKES: Stays in place for freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke (including flipturns)
  • COMFORTABLE MOUTHPIECE: Made with a soft and flexible medical-grade silicone; two inches shorter in length than the standard Swimmer’s Snorkel is easier on children’s lungs …

ZIONOR Snorkel

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

Affordability is one thing that Zionor has never compromised on, but it is not only known for its lower prices. Its snorkels, especially this one, offer smooth function and ensures greater comfort. Here are some of the most extraordinary features of the design.

The model is one of the very few snorkels that come with a spout and can allow for great airflow, even in emergencies. It also allows you to enjoy a good amount of oxygen at all times. This includes times when you are indulging in lap swimming and triathlon. But more importantly, it doesn’t slow you down; instead, it increases your speed by at least 30%.

The pad is also very comfortable and will sit on your head firmly. It is kept relatively thick to offer greater stability. It also eliminates any kind of movement when you are doing flip turns or trying out different strokes in the water. It also ensures that you don’t have to worry about snorkel accessories when in the water.

As for the mouthpiece, it is made of an odorless material that can easily sit on top of your mouth and keep your snorkel in its exact place throughout. This feature is further complemented by an excellent one-way purge that can easily drain excess water from the tube.

You also get to practice a full arm rotation without getting the snorkel in your way. This helps to maintain your body alignment throughout and hence ensures you can practice your swimming in the best possible way.


  • Comes with a spout that allows for a smoother airflow
  • Provides a healthy amount of oxygen for different techniques
  • Maximize your speed by at least 30% or more
  • The head pad is thick and can sit firmly on your head
  • The mouthpiece is made of odorless material and helps make you feel comfortable.


  • Not suitable for amateurs
  • Swim Snorkel for Lap Swimming - The swimming snorkel with spout allows smooth airflow and provides a healthy amount of oxygen while lap swimming and triathlon and maximizes speed by 30%
  • Comfortable and Firm Pad - Engineered thickened head-pad sits firmly on the head delivering comfort and eliminating movement when flip turns and all four strokes …

Focevi Swim Snorkel

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

Made with high-quality materials, the Focevi snorkel is definitely a force to be reckoned with. There are many professional swimmers who use this snorkel. Here is why they are ready to swear by this excellent unit.

The model comes with advanced features that make it stand out. There are a lot of protective parts that have been added to it to provide greater safety to the swimmer. The one-way purge valve can throw water out easily and ensure you don’t get any water left in your tube when you inhale air.

Since snorkels come with many small accessories, it is sometimes very easy to lose these parts and then be unable to swim. This is why the bottom part of the unit is reinforced and made stronger so that it doesn’t shake easily and ensures that all attachments stay connected throughout the swim.

The tapered front central design also offers two additional benefits. The weight of the unit is equally distributed throughout so you can easily practice arm rotation of both hands and don’t feel uncomfortable on one side of the body. Moreover, the durability of the construction material ensures that your body is well-balanced through all the movements.

Additionally, the bracket and the head protection band are easy to adjust and feel very uncomfortable and soft on your skin. You can adjust the length and size of the strap in no time and ensure that you don’t feel uneasy during your swim.

With so many excellent features, it is safe to assume that the mouthpiece is going to be even better. It is made with food-grade silicone material that will enhance your breathing and make you go faster in the water.


  • The upgraded unit comes with a variety of protective parts that aren’t easily lost
  • Weighs less hence feels more comfortable
  • The head protection pad and bracket are easy to adjust
  • The mouthpiece is very soft and is made of an odorless material
  • The bottom is reinforced and hence difficult to shake


  • Slightly heavier than some other models
  • ✔【Light weight and good air circulation】--Our snorkel is about 80-100g lighter than the top dry valve snorkel, which is very light and comfortable when swimming. Moreover, compared to the top dry valve snorkel, our snorkel has better air circulation, which can make breathing more unobstructed …

COPOZZ Swim Snorkel

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

Convenience and ease of usage are two essential words that are commonly and frequently used to describe this unit. It has been upgraded to ensure that it only contains the most advanced features in the market.

The material is extremely durable and comes in handy when you are a clumsy and careful person. All the parts are tightly attached to the main body, so you don’t lose any accessory. This not only saves money but also ensures that you can go as fast as you want inside the water without having to worry about parts coming loose.

Easy breathability is also achieved when you use the Copozz snorkel. Whenever you are indulging in the face-down position or the butterfly position, the snorkel will help you get an adequate supply of oxygen. Moreover, it ensures that you remain comfortable inside the water, and your lungs don’t have to work harder to keep you calm.

Moreover, the splash guard covers your eyes well and doesn’t block any vision. This ensures that you can view the entire picture holistically and hence swim accordingly to escape and avoid any accidents. Moreover, the mouthpiece is made with silicone that is an odorless material. If more than one person uses the same unit, the material ensures that you don’t have to experience any foul smell.

Diversity was also something that the company really wanted to achieve. This is why they kept the design as minimalistic as possible. Among other things, this ensures that adults and young swimmers, as well as amateurs and professionals, can use the snorkel comfortably.


  • Well-suited for freestyle and butterfly swimming strokes
  • The material is streamlined to ensure a better balance
  • Allows a reduction in water resistance without blocking your view
  • Air and water can easily come out of the bottom, thus requiring less energy
  • Suitable for both adult and young swimmers


  • Does not increase speeds
  • 【Front Snorkel Central Mount Design】Easy breath with this swim snorkel when you are doing the face-down head position required for butterfly and freestyle swimming strokes. Streamline central mounted swimming snorkel helps to reduce water resistance without blocking any vision while swimming. Perfect for you to focus on your strokes and movements …

Kraken Aquatics Swimmer’s Snorkel

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

How to Choose an Open Water Swim Snorkel?

Kraken center mount snorkel design allows swimmers to stay in the game and do the best that they can in their practice rounds. The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable and allows for minimal jaw fatigue. This means that the model is able to provide protection without feeling uncomfortable. It is also very soft and feels smooth to the touch, thus ensuring you don’t feel uneasy during longer strokes.

The purge valve is also very efficient and allows water to escape from the tube easily. This is a big relief for swimmers who swim in seawater with a lot of waves. The emergence of waves often results in a lot of water entering the tube and making it difficult for the swimmer to breathe. However, with this excellent purge valve, this isn’t much of a problem.

Adjustability is another noteworthy feature that the model offers. It comes with a double padded head bracket. This is easier to place but also feels very flexible. You can easily adjust the shape and the size so that a single head bracket can be used by all members of the family. This also comes in a compact shape that is also lightweight and hence doesn’t force you to compromise on your speed.

This low-profile design also allows for a reduction in water resistance, thus ensuring that you can retain your speed even when the water waves are crushing you down. But more importantly, this feature helps you go deeper into the seas where the air pressure is relatively high. So if you are preparing for a competitive sporting game, then this is definitely the model for you.


  • Allows swimmers to keep their heads steady at all times
  • Increases speed by decreasing water resistance while swimming
  • The mouthpiece is very flexible and smooth to the touch
  • The special tube design helps add strength and stability
  • The buckles hold the strap of the bracket easily


  • The warranty on accessories is not very good
  • Snorkel Center mount design: The Kraken Aquatics Swimmers Snorkel is a necessary piece of swimming gear whether you are swimming competitive or whether you are swimming for therapeutic or rehabilitative reasons. This swimming snorkel for pool allows swimmers to keep head stationary so you can focus on swim technique, body position, balance and efficiency which makes it the perfect swimming snorkel for swimming laps and an important addition to your swimmer equipment …

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