Types of Snorkel Masks: 2-window, Frameless or Full-Face Masks

Diving underwater is fun, but seeing clearly in water is more of a luxury. This is where a snorkel mask comes in handy. With a snorkel mask, you can dive a few feet underwater and have a closer look at the aquatic lifestyle.

Discovering something new about marine life is always fascinating. However, you have to dive into the water with a snorkel mask before you find something interesting. But will any snorkel mask work perfectly for you?

Types of Snorkel Masks

There are different types of snorkel masks available in the market. Which one you should go for depends greatly on your needs and requirements. For example, a two-window snorkeling mask would be ideal for greater depths and corrective vision, unlike a frameless mask.

On the other hand, a frameless mask offers a broad field of view compared to a two-window snorkeling mask. In a nutshell, what type of mask you need depends on your individual preferences.

Here are some different types of snorkeling masks available.

Two-Window Snorkeling Mask


A two-window snorkeling mask features two separate windows for vision. The separate windows for both your eyes provide you with a clear view of the aquatic setting. These masks have a compact design that fits almost perfectly. As a result, there is the least chance of impurities entering and ruining your sight.

Unlike a single-window snorkeling mask, these masks offer a more user-friendly design. The low volume fit is just ideal without hitting your forehead or nose. In addition, a compact design like the two-window snorkeling mask means reduced internal volume as well. Hence, it allows you to clear and equalize without any hassle.

Two-Window Snorkeling Mask

The lenses used in a two-window snorkeling mask also provide you with an enhanced and magnified vision. These lenses are designed in such a way that they provide an unobstructed line of sight while underwater. The build material of these lenses resists any sticky material that might catch you off guard.

The best feature about these masks is that these lenses can be replaced. Yes, you can replace the conventional lenses with corrective lenses, depending on your personal preferences. You can either switch to far sight or near sight as per your needs. This is great for those who use prescription lenses.

Two-window snorkeling masks bring a lot of versatility when it comes to diving underwater. With a handful of features and user-friendly design, they might be your best friend underwater. There are a number of brands that offer these masks with various properties and features. Which will work best, it is for you to decide.

Where to Use?

Well, this is one of the most common questions divers ask; where to use these two-window snorkeling masks. Well, in this section, we will try to answer your question as thoroughly as possible.

A two-window snorkeling mask offers various features that give you quite some advantage underwater. These features clearly define where you can use these masks effectively. A two-window mask is ideal for you if you’d like to dive an extra meter or so underwater. The compact design and the low volume help you achieve this luxury of diving deeper.

Moreover, it can be effective for adjusting eyesight with corrective lenses. You can either choose a far sight or near sight, according to your needs. On the other hand, the low volume allows you a clear sight without intervening impurities at deeper levels. Also, it works great for various face shapes as well.

If you have a long nose, a two-window snorkeling mask will offer more room, unlike a single window. Thus, all these factors combined determine the perfect use of these snorkeling masks. If diving a little deeper is your thing, consider buying a two-window mask.


  • Ideal for different face shapes and features
  • Compact design offers better equalization
  • Easy to clear intruding water and other particles
  • Low volume fits perfectly without hitting the forehead or nose
  • Offers high versatility with the addition of corrective lenses


  • Offers slightly less field of view
  • Not ideal for deep water diving

Single Lens Mask or Frameless


A single lens or frameless mask is one of the most commonly used diving masks. If you are a fan of a clear and broader vision, a single lens mask will work perfectly. It is quite different as compared to a two-window snorkeling mask. One of the biggest differences between the two is the absence of a frame running between your eyes.

A single whole piece of lens provides outstanding vision without any hurdles. The frameless design allows you to curl your eyes anywhere you want while diving. Looking out for those precious sea stones and shells? Now, you won’t miss the rare ones with a stunning view and better sight.

A huge positive about these single lens masks is the broad field of view. The absence of the frame running between the eyes and the wide lens piece offers more to the eye. You can see at a wider angle that allows you to observe more of the marine life while underwater.

The price of a product is a great determinant of its qualities. Well, in this case, the single-lens masks offer great value for your money. They are relatively cheaper than two-window snorkeling masks. They are also widely available since they are the most commonly used snorkeling masks.

Where to Use?

Before purchasing any product, it is necessary to understand its various strengths and weaknesses. They not only define their usage but also where and when to use it.

If you are into diving underwater for a casual journey, a single lens mask is enough for you. Diving a few feet underwater is not a problem with these single lens masks. They are sealed properly and with a large single-piece lens for effective vision.

However, if you are a fan of a broad field of view, this is where the single-lens masks shine bright. They offer a wider angle of view, which enables you to see more of the underwater action. These masks are also comparatively cheap, which makes them a great all-round purchase.

Ideally, you would like to use your single lens mask in shallow waters. With a crystal-clear view of the sea bed, you can observe aquatic life with a whole new perspective.


  • Offers a broader field of view to the bearer
  • Available at affordable rates as compared to other masks
  • Great for shallow water diving
  • Feature unobstructed vision with a frameless design
  • Bright and clear vision underwater


  • It doesn’t feature the addition of corrective lenses
  • Not suitable for all face shapes

Panoramic Mask- With Side Windows


Panoramic masks are modern design snorkeling masks that are designed to provide great vision underwater. These amazing design masks offer a panoramic view of aquatic life. Unlike two-window or frameless masks, these have an extra glass on the sides. It not only offers a better view but also looks quite attractive.

The amazing fact about these panoramic masks is the various features they provide. First thing first, the addition of extra glass on the sides attracts more light. That being said, you can always have a better picture beneath the water surface. Even when underwater in low light conditions, you tend to have a brighter view.

Secondly, the glass at the sides broadens your field of view. The extra glass, combined with the complimentary vision lenses, provides an enhanced view while underwater. In other words, it offers a wide-angle of view, thus, creating a panoramic view of marine life.

Panoramic masks are a great addition to your diving arsenal. However, they work perfectly while swimming on the surface.

Where to Use?

You might be wondering as to where these amazing masks would work perfectly. Well, almost any snorkel mask is designed to provide you with diving experience. Some offer more diving depths, while others keep you occupied while swimming on the surface. Panoramic masks are an example of such snorkeling masks.

If you are afraid of water depths, a panoramic mask will work like a charm for you. While swimming at the water’s surface, you can witness a panoramic view of the entire underwater world. These are superb, considering they catch significantly more light than traditional masks. Hence, they offer a better and clear view of the depths.

The addition of glass on the sides further enhances your experience. With a wide-angle of view, you can see a lot of content without even changing your head position! However, panoramic masks have a large internal volume, which doesn’t make them a good diving option. They are super cool as far as you stay on the surface.


  • Provides a wide field of view; more like a panoramic view
  • Modern design snorkeling masks with super-efficient design and outlook
  • Comes with an extra glass on the sides for receiving more light
  • Perfect for swimming on the surface of the water
  • Larger design is suitable for most face shapes


  • Large internal volume makes it difficult for deep diving
  • It is relatively expensive

Full-face Mask


Full-face masks are one of the most popular nowadays thanks to their superior design and effectiveness that makes it a perfect fit for everyone. A full-face mask is quite unique in functionality as well as in design. Unlike any of the snorkeling masks discussed above, full-face masks cover your entire face.

The reason behind such a design is to allow you to breathe naturally underwater. Typical snorkeling masks feature breathing through a snorkel tube. Well, some people are uncomfortable while breathing through these tubes. To eliminate this, full-face masks were introduced, which allows you to breathe naturally with your mouth and nose.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

Suffering from neck pains while diving? Well, your best bet is investing in a quality full-face snorkel mask. Snorkel masks offer a good swimming exercise relief for individuals suffering from neck fatigue. They are designed specifically to keep you comfortable while diving underwater.

All in all, full-face masks are worth an investment, considering the convenience and comfort they provide. While being perfectly designed for natural breathing, they also offer a brilliant view underwater. The high-quality lens used offers a crystal-clear view of the underwater depths while making sure you feel at home.

Where to Use?

A full-face mask is a reliable option when it comes to diving underwater. It offers a number of perks that make it stand out from any conventional snorkeling mask. Some buyers often ask where they are to be used for a reliable experience.

Well, full-face masks offer a number of comfort-increasing and reliability options while diving underwater. Although individual preferences may vary from person to person, you can enjoy some perks altogether.

Out of those, natural breathing is a perfect start to get acquainted with this great invention. Unlike traditional masks that use snorkel tubes for breathing, you can breathe naturally. If you are suffering from breathing problems or others, this is a perfect start. Feel free to breathe with your mouth and nose while enjoying the beauty of nature.

In addition, a full-face mask can act as a great swimming training aid for starters. It can help you experience the depths of water while enjoying the immersive view.

A full-face mask is more of a reliable experience rather than just deep-water diving. If comfort and convenience are your top priority, then nothing beats a full-face mask.


  • Allows you to breathe naturally through mouth and nose
  • Very comfortable design that is perfect for most individuals
  • Offers aid while breathing; good for amateur swimmers
  • Very reliable for diving a few feet underwater
  • Pain reliever for people having neck problems


  • It has inadequate air circulation
  • Might be a bit bulky


Deciding which snorkel mask is the best is quite an unrealistic debate. Different snorkel masks feature various perks that help you decide whether they align with your needs or not. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality snorkel mask, make sure they provide comfort and durability while underwater. We highly recommend purchasing quality gear from renowned manufacturers for a reliable diving experience.

In this article, we displayed some of the various types of snorkel masks that are perfect for diving. However, picking the right one greatly depends on your individual preferences.

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